[kɔ:'keɪzɪən, -ʒ(ə)n]
1》 relating to or denoting a broad division of humankind covering peoples from Europe, western Asia, and parts of India and North Africa.
    ↘white-skinned; of European origin.
2》 relating to the region of the Caucasus in SE Europe.
noun a Caucasian person.
Caucasian (or Caucasoid) belonged to a set of terms introduced by 19th-century anthropologists attempting to categorize human races. Although such classification is now outdated and potentially offensive, the term Caucasian has acquired a more restricted meaning, especially in the US, as a synonym for ‘white or of European origin’, as in the police are looking for a Caucasian male in his forties.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.